Frequently Asked Questions

Who primarily uses the rental property spreadsheets product?

Anyone who interested in investing in a real estate rental property.  From first time buyers, to seasoned investors, our product is currently being used in over 18 different countries! 


What exactly does the RPS product do? 

Our product allows you to enter all of the known information about a rental property (price, income, expenses, type of property, mortgage info) and runs this data through the models built into the spreadsheet.  Then the analyzed data is displayed clearly so that you can quickly and easily identify which properties provide the best investment options for your specifications.  You can easily change your inputs to analyze different scenarios, so that you can feel confident knowing that you have looked at how the property should perform under the best case, worst case, and the most likely scenarios.


What types of properties does the RPS product work for?

-Our spreadsheet works for both residential, and commercial rental properties.  From apartment buildings, to single family houses, to warehouses, to retail, you can simply select the use of property you are looking at, and the software will do the rest!


Do I need Microsoft Excel for the RPS product to work?

Yes, you will need to have at least the 2007 version of Microsoft Excel installed on the computer where you will use this product.


Will this work on both Mac, and PC?

Yes! The Rental Property Spreadsheets product works on both mac, and PC.  


What sort of support comes with my purchase?

Each purchase comes with a guide to using the product, along with an extensive Terms & Definitions guide.  In addition, we are always available to answer questions.  Email is the best way to contact us.  Please let us know what time zone you are in if you would like a call back, as we are based out of Hawaii.  On top of this, you will receive all future versions of our product absolutely free, sent right to your inbox.  If you do not receive an updated sheet, please email us immediately here!


How will I receive my product when I purchase it?

You will receive your digital product instantly in your inbox!  You can download it immediately and begin analyzing deals in a matter of minutes!


Is my purchase secure?

Yes! We use a Stripe for our payment processing service, which employs SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and internet protocol that only encrypts your data, but also authenticates our website, ensuring that you are actually making a purchase directly from our site.  See their security statement here!


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes!  We give huge commissions! Please enquire on our affiliates page for more information.


Is the information produced with the RPS product guaranteed to be correct?

-The RPS product is a fantastic tool for analyzing rental property investments.  Having said this, we cannot stress the importance of having a great team of real estate, tax, and law professionals on your side to check with before moving forward with an investment.  In the end, we will help you to analyze the numbers, but you must be the one to make the final judgment call.


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