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So you're in the market for a rental property, but you just aren't sure which one fits your needs.  You need some way to keep track of all of those numbers-loan information, gross rents, vacancy losses, real estate taxes, utilities-it all seems like a big jumble!  On top of that, there are even more variables-What can you expect to sell it for down the road?  What will your tax liability be? How much can you depreciate every year? What will your rate of return be on your money? After all, isn't that the reason you are buying a rental property...for the return on investment?!

Or, maybe you have been investing for years, but the spreadsheets you have are not well organized, contain errors, or are just hard to read. If you have experienced either of these situation, then look no further!  At Rental Property Spreadsheets, we have the degrees, we have the experience, and we have already put in the long nights and countless hours building, testing, and perfecting our cash flow forecasting and analysis models-and now we offer them to you!  Have a look around and see for yourself!

-Rental Property Spreadsheets Founder and Creator, Nick Schlag


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What People Are Saying...

Incredible Value. This takes a lot of the hard work out of evaluating. I can’t imagine having to build a spreadsheet even half this good myself.
— Scott Ho, Real Estate Investor
Great sheets....Very easy to follow & understand!!!!!! THANKS!!
— Barack Cellus, First-Time Real Estate Investor
Nick’s product is very useful and he is more than willing to assist with it during the process. Excellent experience!
— Wu Consulting, LLC.
Great detailed analysis sheets. Thanks!
— The Bole Group
I am not even in the ballpark of having the expertise to build a model like this, not to mention the time required. This spreadsheet is good!
— Larry Nguyen, Seasoned Rental Property Investor
BUY FROM HIM! Period. His spreadsheets will save you lots of time and are easy to use. I repeat: BUY FROM HIM! Best money you’ll ever spend. Seriously.
— Sam Polly, Commercial Property Investor
Very detailed and well structured model. Love it!
— Katie Max
The excel sheet is very good and detailed. They seem very capable and very eager to satisfy their customers. Already speaking to them about helping me with other projects.
— Paul Manix, Banker & Rental Property Owner
What a great spreadsheet! Delivered immediately and as described. There are a couple bonuses included as well. If you are in need of this type of spreadsheet...this is where to get it. Thanks so much!
— Larry Brenden, Real Estate Investor